Most Common Questions About MORINGA..!!

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      What is moringa and why do people call it a miracle tree?

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Moringa is a plant and its common name is Drumsticks. Moringa originally comes from India, it has established well in Zambia and other countries in the Southern African region. It is also considered to be grown in the tropics. The medicinal properties are found in Moringa leaves, bark, flowers, seeds, fruits, and roots as well. It is considered to have a high amount of Protein. Along with proteins, it also contains alkaloids, copper, Vitamin B, calcium, iron, folic acid, etc. Moringa seeds are low in calories, but rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. So basically, the whole plant itself is a tree of benefits and thus it is Miracle Tree.

      From Where Can I Purchase Moringa Powder?

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If you are looking for pure & natural Moringa Powder, then here is a great brand. "Herbal Hills"

Herbal Hills offers a great range of Ayurvedic Products and Moringa Powder is their best-selling product.

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How to Consume Moringa


How To add Moringa to your Daily Meals?

There are various ways to experience moringa powder benefits by adding it to your daily meals. Here are some ways to enjoy it!!!


​Sprinkle to salad dressing

Moringa powder can be sprinkled on your favorite salad or can be added along with the salad dressings.


Consume with Water

This is the easiest way to experience moringa benefits. Add a spoonful of moringa powder in Hot or cold water, mix with a dash of honey and lemon.


​Is there a good pizza recipe that uses Moringa, as an ingredient?

I have read one article, which suggested that you can add Moringa powder to your dough mix and bake it that way. But, you will have to add more sugar to your dough than normal because Moringa is a little bitter. But, the more Moringa Powder you put in the healthier it will be.


Mix it into smoothies

Along with the milk, protein powder, and fruits, you can add a spoonful of moringa powder to your smoothie to enhance its nutritional value. It blends extra well with green smoothies and will enhance its taste when added with mint, honey, and lime.


Add it in your Favourite Soups

Add moringa powder to ready soup or add moringa leaves into any liquid recipe. This will help to make your soup even healthier. It will go well with immunity-boosting or even with diet soups.


Add it in your Tea

If you do not want the dominant flavour of Moringa powder, then, you can simply add half- one spoon of Moringa to your tea leaves or powder while boiling and then experience the maximum moringa powder benefits.

​Is there any alternative to Moringa Powder?

Moringa Tablet is a great alternative to Moringa powder. Moringa tablets' benefits are the same as moringa powder benefits, it's just that it is available in easy-to-consume form.


You can buy this multi-beneficial moringa powder and moringa table from any trusted Ayurvedic company, who deals with effective Ayurvedic medicines.